The Accidental Techno-Geek

683 602 WIMama

Tooting my own horn is a point of discomfort for me, especially for a potentially global audience. Oh, I can certainly tell you—as we are sipping a delicious red—that my business can help you and I’m darned good at what I do, but seeing as I never saw myself as a ‘Tech Expert’ (or even…

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Black and white photo of man depicting Orpheus

Encaustic portraits — artist series

1024 752 Jennifer Jeglinski

This photography section is in the grey area between professions… Utilizing skills as photographer, fine artist and digital artist, these large scale (up to three feet!) photographs were created and honed with a digital SLR and Adobe Photoshop, then treated with encaustic was at R & F Studios to have a luminous quality, especially when…

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